Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brand New

Q: Introduce us to yourself and your company.
My name is David Lucas and I am an Executive Producer at Brand New World. Brand New World or BNW is a creative agency that integrates design, branding, advertising and technology to form stronger connections between brands and their consumers. BNW is also fun place to work.  We play instruments, joke around, and produce great work.  

When I interview people I usually dress up in a costume.  It's a great stress test and it tells a lot about somebody's personality.

I once showed up to a interview with a top hat, whip, and chair.  The interviewee got on the ground and started growling like a lion - I hired him!

Ok…maybe that didn’t happen, but it really is a great environment and we do have a lot of fun here, I've been with the company for nearly 2 years.

Q: Interactive Producers come from all walks of life, they are a hybrid of talents, tell us about your background and how you got interested in digital production.
Prior to BNW I was a freelance producer and talent manager.  My credits include projects for online, mobile, broadcast, off-broadway, and film/tv.  I started producing live action, eventually bridged over into music, and then 3D, graphics and VFX.  At the same time, I also managed the careers of several bands, comedians, and directors.  I gained interest in digital in 2005 and crossed over in 2007.

My first foray in digital was writing a Social Media Plan and producing and seeding web video for a record label.

Q: How do you stay on top of emerging technologies and keep your team informed and motivated?
I stay on top of emerging technologies by reading blogs, trade magazines, listening to Podcasts, and attending meetups and shows.
I'm also a member of the NY Tech community. compiles a wealth of useful information.

Q: What does your ideal client/project look like?

My ideal client/project right now would be a multi-platform campaign for an organization championing the cause of literacy.  I'm also interested in experimenting more with interactive video.

Q: How do you educate your clients and set realistic expectations for a project?

I get our account managers drunk.  Works every time.

Q: What was the best project you ever worked on?
I can't really say one in particular stands out.  I've been blessed to work with really great clients.  For me, a good client makes all the difference.

Q: How many projects are you comfortable producing at one given time?
As EP I oversee all jobs company wide. I mainly focus on developing jobs and setting the tone for my cohorts.  When we're overloaded, I'll step in and produce a project from conception to delivery.  How many projects can I handle?  Well it really depends on the scope and type of project/platform.  I've easily juggled 6 or more projects (which I don't recommend.)

Q: What does your dream production team look like?

Equal parts - Dan Akyord for the comedy, Bruce Lee for the ask kicking, Tesla for the innovation, and Casanova for the charm.

Q: How do you ensure your clients best interests are met?

I find extraordinary, multi-disciplined, producers and get production involved as early as possible.

Q: What is your vision of what the next phase of our industry is going to look like?

My magic 8 ball is broken -  sorry.

Q: Please share a snippet of wisdom that you would like to impart on our readers?
The soul which has no fixed purpose in life is lost; to be everywhere, is to be nowhere. - Michel de Montaigne

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