Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Noble Savage

What I love so much about creating new and unique content on the web is that it is a whole new form of modern day artisanship that is as vast and complex as the times we live in and as detail oriented and talent driven as any other form of communication.

However, to those who curate the web with content, it is a completely natural process and seen as a more traditional kind of craft rather than the robotic process that most who don't understand think it is.

Its takes a special kind of person to be able to navigate through the endless variations of technology, design, trends, platforms, executions, advances and big ideas and to be completely focused on the task at hand and to continually deliver quality work.

Someone who is able to helm the endless paths paving the web and who consistently produces unique content on a platform that tends to surfeit us with penurious ideas and is flooded with copycats.

When I started the iPro Blog I wanted this to not only be a forum for producers and directors to share and learn from one another's experiences, successes and yes even failures and mistakes. I also wanted it to be a place where we can glean motivation and new techniques from those people who have been advancing our industry on a global scale.

Tomorrow morning is going to mark a very special moment in the short existence of The iPro Blog. Tomorrow morning we are going to feature a special guest who I personally look to as a true master artisan in the field of interactive production. This is a person who has carefully cleared a path in our industry that has helped to lead to not only success for his company but for all of us as a collective.

Tomorrow mornings interview is one that we should all carefully read and infuse ourselves with the wisdom and guidance being imbued upon us. This person is not a god or a superhero, he is not a billionaire business mogul or some head of state.

He is one of us!

In honor of Presidents Day (here in the US) we will have a very special leader in our industry sharing his own personal and professional experiences.

I am warning you now, do not miss tomorrow morning's inspirational and epic interview ONLY on The iPro Blog!

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  1. I am itching to know who it is. I don't think I can wait!!!!